TL Tradition

Starting up nearly 50 years ago, TL Engineering had its humble beginnings as a small backstreet operation.

Today it proudly continues as the dominant force in Western Australian motor vehicle body building, operating one of the biggest and most up-to-date vehicle body building manufacturing facilities in Australia.

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Light Vehicle

For nearly 50 years now, TL has led the way in manufacturing and fitting light vehicle bodies for mining, agricultural, commercial and retail customers across our vast state. In putting safety first, every step of a TL vehicle build is completed in-house with compliance to Australian Design Rules standards.

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Our Mobility specialists fit-out, modify and service cars, SUVS, 4WDS, buses and vans with driving aids and other devices that empower drivers and passengers who have physical disabilities. The team is passionate about helping people with special needs to get more mobile again – ask us how we can help.

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Truck body building is a specialised manufacturing process, involving high-value vehicles.TL carries out vehicle chassis modifications and hydraulic, electrical and body works under one roof, managing quality control from Design-to-Delivery, in the most modern vehicle body-building facility in Western Australia.

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Rail Service Builds For Brookfield Rail

Sep 23, 2016

On a dusty service road near a railway line, you could easily find this truck. It’s a recently commissioned build delivered to the end user, Brookfield Rail, by Major Motors.

In and around the truck, which is effectively a mobile workshop, there will be rail service personnel going about the important work of ensuring that passenger and goods trains travel safely and securely throughout Western Australia. […]

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