About TL Engineering, Perth WA

TL Engineering started as a small backstreet business in Perth WA.

After 50 years of operation, TL remains the dominant force in motor vehicle body building and operates one of the biggest and most up-to-date vehicle body building manufacturing facilities in Australia.

Still a proudly Western Australian company, TL Engineering enjoys a formidable reputation for the quality and value of its product and services.

It’s a reputation that wasn’t gained easily or overnight and has been built on the back of a highly skilled local workforce that collectively has hundreds of years’ experience in designing, building and fitting automotive vehicle bodies. Coupled with outstanding customer service, TL Engineering provides state-of-the-art products and services with the highest safety standards.

Our Mission:

“To be Australia’s leading supplier and manufacturer of the highest quality of heavy duty vehicle bodies to both light vehicles and heavy vehicles, through innovative and evolutionary design and a determination to add value to both our own company and those we serve.”

Our Vision:

“Extend our products to new markets domestically and internationally by developing new products and returning profits to shareholders.”

Why choose TL Engineering for your Light Vehicle or Truck upgrade/modification? What sets us apart from the others? Aren’t all vehicle body builders the same?

We have attempted to answer these important questions below.



The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and there is no better proof than the high-quality TL ute trays and trucks, both old and new, rolling on Western Australian roads today. Employing designs that are often copied by competitors. TL’s products are proven performers shaped by decades of operating in the harshest Western Australian environments imaginable. Ask a mining company why its utes are TL built. Ask a road builder why its trucks bear the TL logo. Speak to a regional bus company and find out why they entrust the safety of their kids to a TL bus fit-out.



The TL team has delivered hundreds of thousands of vehicle builds in Perth since 1970. Builds made with Australian materials and by local tradesmen who are passionate about their industry. While other companies outsource or look to provide a one-size-fits-all solution, TL proudly manufactures, finishes and fits its builds exactly for the job and vehicle required. This comes naturally to a Perth engineering company whose Federal Authorised Modifier VSB 6 Code is #M1WA. This means it was the first Western Australian company to receive such accreditation when VSB standards were introduced in Australia. That sort of industry experience is simply irreplaceable.



Most TL vehicle builds will outlive their vehicles. That’s what happens when proven materials and outstanding workmanship are combined in efficient designs. That’s what happens when products evolve steadily and surely from decades of feedback gained from end-users on the road, in the paddocks, at WA mine sites, in the cities and in the outback.



TL Engineering delivers more completed vehicles in a year than most of its competitors will do during the lifetime of their businesses. TL’s capacity is a product of its skilled workforce, extensive facilities and most of all, the flexibility and capability that enables it to deploy personnel to specific vehicle improvement jobs in Perth as required. And because every part of the build, from hydraulics to electrics and painting, is completed in-house and managed on-site, it’s also delivered on time, within budget.



True vehicle safety comes from functional body builds and a proper safety accreditation regime. Vehicles arriving at TL Engineering’s Perth engineering works location in the suburb of Hazelmere Western Australia today will return to the customer expertly fitted with proven products that have stood the test of time and the test of testing! All bullbars, rollbars, trays, towbars and cargo barriers are tested to ensure they complement the safety features of the vehicle. TL also commissions external engineers to approve all uniquely modified vehicles. Can all Perth vehicle body builders offer this?



Within a few hours of being deployed, most of our clients’ vehicles are being used for what they were designed: Tipper trucks are scratched and dirtied from their loads and hiab cranes are used for lifting complex and vital loads. It’s after this initial running-in period that the inherent quality and efficiency of a Perth modified vehicle will be proven during normal everyday use. And this is what TL vehicles are designed and built for: To be used safely and efficiently, every day. Should issues or the need for fine-tuning arise, TL Engineering backs up all its products and vehicle upgrade work with pride.