New truck chassis subframe modification upgrade service Perth in Western Australia for strengthening the rigidity of trucks, for the addition equipment and or heavier load carrying capability. Also improve truck safety, truck funtions and truck resale value with the highest quality standard of truck chassis improvements for which TL Engineering’s truck engineering factory in Perth is known for. 

  • Rigid truck subframes can be modified to suit the specific purpose and application of the truck.
  • Includes upgrades/modification of the truck chassis and any other upgrades as required.
  • TL Engineering liaises with crane suppliers and fitters to modify the truck chassis subframe for the fitment of a specific model truck crane.
  • In all truck chassis subframe modifications, VSB (Australian Vehicle Standards Bulletin) standards are satisfied and then certified by VSB accredited TL Engineering personnel.

Photos of TL's new strong subframe / chassis up grade in perth

Truck chasis built strong in Perth by TL Engineering.
New strong truck chasis made in Perth
New truck subframe upgrade/modifications by TL Engineering Perth WA
New truck chasis strengthening, upgrade modifications by TL Engineering Perth WA

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