Convert New or Old Trucks Into Tipping Trucks in Perth

  • A wide range of rigid tipper truck bodies in Perth are available at low prices for trucks with 4.5 T to 27 T capacity, employing 1 way tipping, 2 way tipping or 3 way tipping bodies and tipping trays.
  • Tip truck bodies and trays are made in Perth using Steel or Hardox Steel plate.
  • Fixed tray and crane applications can be combined with tipper units.
  • Tippers can be specified with fixed or drop-side variants if required.
  • Standard tipper truck build features include safety prop/s, hose burst safety valves and in-tank hydraulic filtration systems.
  • Manual or electrically operated tip truck tarpaulins are available.
  • Tip trucks can be finished to match fleet company colours and livery.
New tip truck Perth Western Australia.
New steel or Hardox steel tray side tippers made/fitted in Perth by TL Engineering
Tipper Truck with steel or Hardox steel tray made by TL Engineering in Perth WA
New quality steel or Hardox Steel truck tipper made and fitted by TL Engineering Perth WA

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