• Ready-made stainless steel water tanks, aluminium water tanks or plastic water tanks. Type of material and size of water tanks are specified by the customer.
  • Most models are plastic, bolt-on units that include a soap bottle for handwashing.
  • Custom built aluminium or stainless steel water tanks are also available in configurations ranging in size volumes from small 15 litre to large 1000 litres water tanks for trucks.
  • Water tanks are typically installed below the truck tray and include standard water taps. Some models can be locked for security purposes.
  • Options include the fitting of wash-down pumps and hose-reels. Petrol/diesel-powered firefighting pumps and connections to firefighting water tanks.
  • Car, ute and truck water tank affordable prices include design, mountings and fitted securely to your vehicle.
Vehicle Water Tanks by TL Engineering in Perth for Truck builds
New Water Tanks fitted to your truck in Perth by TL Engineering Truck builders.

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