Mining Vehicle Upgrade Perth Western Australia


Be it upgrading your existing fleet to high-quality, reliable, mining support vehicles or a one-off high-quality rigid truck chassis upgrade in Perth, the vehicle outcome is strong and functional for mining, compliant and safe for mining. TL Engineering is an experienced Western Australian mining industry vehicle modification team of experts. Your new mining support truck or existing truck might need a chassis modification upgrade before we can add heavy handling equipment like in the photo of our mining services truck modification for FMG below.

Big mining truck tyre handling truck Perth Western Australia.
Tyre handling truck for FMG

Special adaptations to light vehicles and midsized rigid trucks improve mining efficiency while reducing injury. Imagine changing a haulpac tyre without this special tyre handling truck. TL work with Western Australian mine managers, mine vehicle fleet managers and mining engineers to custom design high quality mining support vehicles. We bring design ideas and experience of over 50 years to what works best for your specific Western Australian mining operation. Our huge mechanical engineering factory capacity in Perth is big enough to deliver big mining vehicle fleet upgrades fast. That makes TL the preferred choice by small and big mining companies like BHP, Rio Tinto and FMG.

Mining truck upgrade Perth

WA mining companies get TL to do truck body builds because their quality assurance teams need reliable, quality body builds. They know that downtime in mining is costly. They know their WA mining investment is made from the best material and workmanship is quality assured. New or existing fleet upgrades made in Perth are guaranteed to last by our vehicle upgrading company which has and will be around to support your mining fleet of vehicle needs longer than smaller fly by night fleeting companies. We’re here tomorrow, standing by what we build today. TL Engineering installs fleet fit-out solutions for mining vehicles. We work with your mining fleet manager to ensure a customised fleet solution with quality, functional reliable fleet vehicle accessories, components. A complete mining vehicle conversion that is fit for Western Australian mining conditions and purposes such as outback mining exploration or mining operations.

Mining exploration drilling rig custom made in Perth WA.
Landcruiser ute converted to a drill rod carrier.
Truck Explosive Box by TL Engineering Perth WA

TL Engineering is the first choice for WA mining vehicle fleet managers who demand high-quality, good value and full regulatory compliance for their mining vehicle modifications.


Mining vehicle fleet upgrades should not be seen as a cost but as an investment in operational efficiency and priceless driver/operator safety. Phone TL’s Sales Manager on phone number 08 9279-5466 for mining fleet upgrade information and prices.


TYPES OF FLEET upgrade services

TL Engineering have upgraded different types of mining vehicle with special modifications for in Perth Western Australia. Below is a list of some of the types of mining support vehicles we upgraded and look forward to upgrading your special mining vehicle in Perth WA.

  1. Truck chassis modifications
  2. 4×4 mining exploration vehicle.
  3. HMF Truck Mounted Cranes 
  4. Explosives transport trucks with secure strong secure explosive boxes.
  5. Utes with Kevrek and Backease 600 cranes.
  6. Adding loading ramps to flat bed trucks to convert them into plant and equipment transporters.
  7. Tyre handling trucks.
  8. Bus fleets. Eg HiAce 4×4 bus conversion for outback touring companies.
  9. Drill rod carriers
  10. Mining maintenance truck upgrade
  11. Adding a range of mining vehicle accessories such as: