Please note we only offer this service to customers with an integrated body build package.

  • Hydraulic services are required in nearly all trucks and transport applications. Hydraulic systems are designed for the intended purpose of your truck.
  • TL Engineering designs fabricates and installs custom hydraulic systems for a single truck or entire truck fleet builds. 
  • The main hydraulic components include: hydraulic rams, oil lines, power take-offs (PTOs), adaptors, valves, solenoids, hydraulic pumps and diverters.
  • Typical vehicle applications that require significant hydraulic services include tipper trucks, crane trucks, hook trucks and beavertail trucks.
  • Several suppliers provide the key hydraulic components utilised in TL Engineering truck solutions.
  • Phone now for an affordable price quote to get the best custom truck hydraulics fitted to your truck in Perth Western Australia.


Quality hydraulic repairs or upgrades for trucks in Perth are expertly done by TL Engineering’s hydraulic specialists. 


Ordinary trucks are turned into specialty trucks in Perth with the use of hydraulics. Western Australian resources industries depend on reliable special trucks in remote locations. Following is a list of what hydraulic systems can do to make your truck an upgraded specialty truck.

  1. Haulpak tyre changing trucks.
  2. Hydraulic cherry pickers and other elevated working platforms (EWP) mounted on trucks in Perth.
  3. Dump truck hoist kits convert new and old truck tip trays into the front to back, side tippers and 3-way tippers.
  4. Lift and lower truck loading ramps.
  5. Load and unload sea containers.
  6. Raise and lower tail lifts.
  7. Break down vehicles in Perth use hydraulic systems installed in Perth by TL Engineering.
  8. Rubbish collection trucks.
  9. Cranes on trucks
  10. Concrete pumping trucks in Perth use hydraulics to extend and move long concrete pipe holding booms.
  11. Forklifts 
  12. Hydraulic excavators
  13. Log hauling trucks
  14. Hydraulic jacks
Tipper truck hydraulics service by TL Engineering Perth WA
Tip Truck Hydraulics
Truck Hydraulics Service by TL Engineering Perth WA
Tipper Truck Tail Gate Hinge Perth
Affordable truck hydraulics service in Perth by TL Engineering.
Tip Truck Hydraulic Lines and Control
Truck hydraulics service in Perth by TL Engineering.
Big Hydraulic Ram Fitted to Reinforced Truck Chassis in Perth

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