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Light vehicle fitout services Perth.

TL Engineering’s 50 years of professional light vehicle upgrades in Perth shows in the quality materials, accessories and workmanship deployed. Whether it be one ute or a fleet of light truck upgrades, TL’s engineering factory in Perth has the capacity to deliver light vehicle upgrades on time, to innovative design specifications that are functional, safe and reliable, and within budget.

Over the last 50 years, TL Engineering has delivered hundreds of thousands of TL trays into the hands of Australian farmers, miners, tradies and businesses of all sizes and descriptions throughout Western Australia.

While the industry has evolved, and others look to cost-cutting, TL Engineering proudly continues to deploy the unrivalled expertise and experience of its highly skilled local workforce using the best materials, designs and manufacturing processes available.

Our professionalism and workmanship have positioned us to be the premier supplier of customised light vehicle tray bodies in WA.

Light truck upgrade service Perth.
Light vehicle upgrades Perth Western Australia
Light vehicle upgrade service Perth.

What is TL Light Vehicle Solutions?

We manufacture and fit light vehicle ute trays in Perth. We also sell and or fit ute accessories for mining use, the agricultural sector, commercial applications, retail operations and local, WA Government and Australian Government agencies. We provide steel and aluminium solutions ranging from supply-only components to fully customised whole vehicle fit-outs for individual users or whole fleets.

TL Engineering is the only Vehicle Body Builder with the manufacturing and operational resources to complete all fabrication, hydraulic, electrical, trimming and finishing work, in-house and on one site.

This capacity is what makes TL so unique. Coupled with outstanding service, it ensures that we will proudly continue to be the premier Vehicle Body Building company in Western Australia.

Due to significant demand and market conditions, we are not open directly to the PUBLIC for light vehicle builds until further notice. If you have a COMMERCIAL enquiry please contact us by phone or contact form below!
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