Custom high-quality made in Perth, slip in H frame sales in Perth WA for easy H frame removal. Extend useful ute load-carrying capacity with new slip in H frames.

  • Valuable light vehicle body accessory that facilitates the transport of long or unusually shaped materials.
    Available with short vertical top bar uprights (‘horns’) if required.
  • Designed and manufactured to suit Australian road conditions and driving environments.
  • Heavy duty steel or aluminium construction.
  • Frame height is matched to suit cabrack specification for a level carrying frame platform.
  • H Frame bases are installed in rear corners of vehicle tray with retaining pin and clip system that allows easy removal.
  • Can be specified with RHS steel rectangular tubing dimensions of 65mm x 35mm or circular profile tubing.
  • Slip in design allows multiple deployments of H Frame to other vehicles.
H Frame Slip In Perth
H Frame Slip In Perth
H Frame Slip In Perth
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