Buy the new strong secure steel Hammersley Rio toolbox for sale and installed on your ute or truck tray in Perth Western Australia.

  • Industry-proven toolbox designed and constructed to meet user specification.
  • Constructed from steel for rugged use and long life.
  • Secured using high-strength locking mechanisms.
  • All internals are protected by the fully weather-sealed build.
  • Toolbox lid opening and closure is assisted by gas-stay units.
  • The toolbox lid employs a bevelled corner design to assist vision while reversing the vehicle.
  • Standard dimensions are 1100mm (width) x 520mm (height) x 520mm (depth).
  • External finishes can be OEM colour-matched to a vehicle model paint specification.
Toolbox Hammersley Iron Perth
Hamersley iron Toolbox on sale by TL Engineering Perth WA
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