Made in Perth Western Australia


Affordable custom designed, vehicle modification upgrades made in Perth Western Australia. Made for commercial truck and car fleets of government and mining company vehicles. Best quality materials and experienced workforce making the highest quality vehicle upgrades in Perth customised for specific functions with safe operator protection.

TL Engineering has made Perth vehicle improvements for over 50 years. If we don’t have quality spare parts in stock for your TL made vehicle upgrades, we’ll make the part or accessory for you at our engineering factory in Perth.


  1. Experience Making Reliable Vehicle Modifications/Upgrade Installations in Perth
    For 50 years we’ve seen unreliable parts, accessories, vehicles fitted out with special equipment for cars, utes, vans, busses, trucks which were back yard made or made in Europe and Asia that broke/failed tough Western Australian remote outback conditions. TL Engineering made in Perth special vehicle function products are designed and engineered to be reliable in WA conditions. Vehicle upgrades made for reliability is what good quality control and quality auditors in Perth need and demand even if the initial price is a bit higher than cheap, designed and made in Asia parts are available for vehicle upgrades.
  2.  TL Engineering is a locally owned Perth business employing hundreds of local, experienced, skilled designers, engineers and tradies.

    TL Truck engineering company staff Perth Western Australia.
    Here for another 50 years, standing behind what we make today.
  3. Guarantees and good helpful, LOCAL, after-sales service of the vehicle upgrades we made in Perth. You don’t have to go to Asia and wait for a slow boat from China while your mine or remote Western Australian shire project grinds to a halt.
  4. If your vehicle upgrade was made in Perth by TL Engineering our brand/reputation for quality adds value to your vehicle.
  5. Vehicle modifications made in Perth/Australia need certification. We are official  Australian vehicle standards certifiers so we make it right in Perth, in the first place so you don’t have to have your build rebuilt to pass certification.
  6. Logistics: Made in Perth also means quicker transport/supply to your site in Perth/Western Australia. Compare that to the speed (lack of) of an expensive container from Asia with your vehicle upgrade equipment, parts and or accessories.
Made in Western Australia logo.
The made in Western Australia logo was designed in Perth by Ian Parkes, father of this web page’s author.

Made in Perth means made in Western Australia for Australian conditions.