Government Vehicle Modification Upgrades

New High-quality Australian Government, state government and local government vehicle modification upgrade services in Perth Western Australia

With over 50 years of experience upgrading government vehicles in Perth for use Australia wide, TL Engineering has the know-how of making RELIABLE high-quality special purpose vehicle modification upgrades work efficiently and safely. Our knowledge is learned from what happens to battered vehicles which come back from harsh, remote outback Australian mines and local governments. We modify utes, dual cabs and light trucks to perform special tasks, be it in remote local government areas or city councils with the confidence of government workers being able to use special vehicle attachments and accessories safely to perform tasks. We also fit out government contractor vehicles to do the same.

After 50 years we’re here tomorrow, standing by what we build today.


Truck Body Builder Perth

TL’s local government vehicle modification upgrades have included

  1. Fleets of road maintenance trucks.
  2. Local government fleet of vans for meals on wheels deliveries.
  3. Fleets of rubbish truck improvements. 
  4. Post office delivery van fleet upgrades.
  5. Hospital service vehicles.
  6. Medical evacuation vehicles.
  7. Fleets of special sub-contractor vehicles need to comply with government regulations.


  1. Police vehicle upgrades.
  2. Firetruck modifications and upgrades.
  3. Other emergency service special vehicle upgrades.
  4. Water and Electricity utility vehicle fleets.
  5. National parks vehicle upgrades.
  6. Mine safety inspector vehicles.


Australian millitary vehicle upgrade contractor Perth Western Australia.
Border security vehicle upgrades.

Australian government inspectors of all sorts need safe specialised vehicles.

Border force needs toughened up vehicles to go off-road at Australia’s long coastline

Australian military vehicle upgrade services include:

  1. Special airforce base vehicles.
  2. Navy base vehicles that need specialized equipment added to facilitate the loading and other logistics of warships. With HMAS Stirling nearby, we are happy to joint contact with Australian Marine Complex AMC contractors to supply design know-how, parts, materials and a skilled workforce.
  3. The Australian Army is in constant need of high-quality special vehicle fitouts.


    Truck Explosive Box by TL Engineering Perth WA
    Truck Explosive Box by TL Engineering Perth Western Australia which we send Australia wide.

When it comes to government vehicle tender submissions, if it helps your vehicle supply company to win government supply contracts, TL Engineering would be happy to support your bid with specifications and prices.