Buy good quality commercial vehicle safety accessories from TL’s Perth online store for sale at affordable prices and installed in Perth or sent Australia wide.

According to research by the Queensland University of Technology, work-related vehicle crashes account for almost half of the occupational fatalities in Australia. Although avoiding such hazards can be tricky, commercial vehicle drivers can make use of vehicle accessories to improve vehicle safety.

Some of the commercial vehicle accessories that can be bought from TL’s Perth online store are:


Bullbars are always a questionable vehicle accessory upgrade. Why? Because they are heavy and can severely damage other vehicles during a crash. But these are must-have accessories if you drive your vehicles on country roads, rough and unsealed terrain.

Business Insider estimates that the average vehicle damage cost after a Kangaroo crash in Australia is $4,000. Bullbars do an amazing job in protecting occupants and the vehicle during an animal strike or other collision. 

Bullbar TL Engineering


One accessory that every Commercial Truck or Ute needs is a Cabrack Mesh. These are designed to protect pickups from shifting loads in the cargo area. They are also vital for keeping the occupants safe from objects stored in the back during a sudden break or a collision.

The Cabrack Mesh at TL Engineering has been developed over 50 Years and is manufactured using a steel tube outer frame that is durable and hardwearing for long use life.

Cabrack mesh


Most commercial vehicles spend more time on the roads than normal vehicles. Lighting can be a bit of a challenge, especially in regional areas and highways. Poor lighting remains one of the few reasons behind road crashes and damages.

To reduce accidents and HSE risks, commercial vehicles should seriously consider investing in quality LED lighting by way of driving lights or a lightbar that are weatherproof and withstand heavy vibration environments. STEDI Lights come with shock dampers and are designed to handle challenging environments.

Stedi Lights for light and heavy vehicles available in Perth


Rollover Protection Structures save lives every year. During a rollover, there is a high chance of vehicle cab crashing. Internal ROPS create a protective safety cell and prevent any potential head injuries. ROPS also help prevent the complete collapse of the vehicle roof in accidents.

Buy SINGLE HOOP INTERNAL ROLLBAR for your vehicle in Perth WA
Photo of interior roll over protection system (ROPS). A roll bar inside a vehicle cab.


Commercial vehicles tend to travel long distances and generally in harsh environments. Tyres are subject to abusive conditions and through no fault of the driver, multiple tyres can puncture or blow out. This makes it a smart decision to carry an additional spare tyre to mitigate any potential breakdowns.

TL Engineering offers simple, efficient, and rugged solutions for mounting spare wheels on light vehicles. There are multiple mounting options available based on your vehicle’s spacing.

All types of single and double spare wheel cariers for sale and fitted in Perth Western Australia.


In a collision or during sudden braking, the chances of heavy machinery or items stored in the back of the vehicle moving around are more likely. These moving objects can have an impact up to 20 times the force of gravity.

Shelving not only helps you organise, but they also improve the safety of your commercial vehicle. Quality and well-designed shelving options stop heavy items from falling around during accidents or heavy braking.

AutoSafe Cube Van Shelving range are designed and manufactured to last. They are engineered to help keep your heavy items in place during a crash.

TAIL LIFT’s & EZ Lift-N-Load

Apart from injuries that can happen while being on the road, the other major concern is the loading and unloading of heavy-duty items from the back of the tray. Tail Lifts provide a compact and efficient lifting solution for heavy vehicles.

These platforms can be lowered or raised vertically according to your needs. Moreover, they are operated by a cable control remote controlled unit. TL Engineering offers a range of load ratings to match your vehicle and suspension configurations.

Buy Tail Lift for your vehicle in Perth WA

EZ Lift-N-Load

Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss any safety concerns about your vehicle. Our experts will be pleased to provide you with the safety information required.

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