Truck Beavertails and Loading ramps made in perth

Custom-designed, new, high-quality, made in Perth, STRONG truck beavertails and loading ramps installed on the back of new or old truck flat trays. New truck ramps make ramping vehicles and other loading operations easy, anywhere. Ramp installation options include extra powerful, good quality, ramp lifting hydraulics and or a winch to drag loads up your new truck ramp.

Please note we quote truck tray ramps and beavertails to new builds only. There are too many variables when modifying registered vehicles such as overhang, GVM/GCM and design characteristics of older trucks.
  • Purpose-built and custom-designed truck tray beaver tails (ramps) to match specific requirements of flat tray trucks and operators. Sizes from 3T to 16T capability.
  • TL truck ramps for flat tray trucks in Perth are made and finished for maximum durability and long-life, with ramps fabricated from aluminium or steel.
  • Ramp assemblies are custom designed and fabricated to match specific truck cartage applications.
  • TL truck ramps employ spring-loaded or hydraulically operated raising and lowering mechanisms. Best quality hydraulic rams used with ramp spare parts available.
  • All chassis modifications meet Australian Regulatory Standards for road transport equipment.
  • Truck beaver tail trays can be customised to suit the transportation of customer’s loads, with typical new ramp builds configured for excavators, bobcats and front-end loaders.
Beavertail Custom Build Perth
Beavertail design and fabrication Perth
Heavy Duty Beaver Tail Hire Truck
New beaver tail trays truck built by TL Engineering Perth Western Australia.
New beaver tail trays truck made by TL Engineering Perth WA
Truck Loading Ramps Made in Perth
Truck beaver tail trays truck made and fitted in Perth by TL Engineering.
Beaver Tail Ramps Intalled on Truck Trays in Perth

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