Perth Truck Chassis Strengthening/Modification Upgrade Service

If you’re wanting to change or improve the function, rigidity and strength of your new truck or old truck, you might need truck chassis improvement that’s certified to safely handle the rigours of the chassis load stresses. Phone our truck chassis expert engineer to discuss your truck chassis modification needs. He’ll discus good chassis improvement design ideas. If you want to go ahead, deploy the best materials and chassis skilled workmen in Perth.

  • Purpose-built and configured to match specific requirements of vehicle and its intended use.
  • Rigid trucks rated from 4.5 tonne to 27-tonne capacity can be extended or reduced, as required by clients.
  • Examples of builds that could require chassis modifications include crane trucks, tippers, flatbed tray trucks and tyre handling trucks.
  • Typical modifications include: electrical systems, air and hydraulic braking operation, tail shaft modifications and axle relocations.
  • All work, including frame reinforcement of chassis, is completed as per OEM guidelines and requirements. All external finishing matches OEM colours and standards.
  • In all truck modification upgrades, VSB (Australian Vehicle Standards Bulletin) standards are satisfied and then certified by VSB accredited TL Engineering personnel.
New strong truck chasis made in Perth by TL Engineering.
New truck chasis made strong in Perth by TL Engineering.