Perth prime mover upgrades..

… for improving prime mover functionality, truck driver comfort and safety include:

  • Customised supply and fitment of a turntable in a fixed or ballrace configuration to suit the capacity and specification of the prime mover.
  • Modifications involve electrical and air/hydraulic braking operation systems.
  • Trailer braking system and connection is installed as are rear light bars.
  • Customised or pre-fabricated mudguards are fitted on prime movers to the customer’s specification.
  • Other prime mover options include fuel tanks, oil tanks, water tanks, additional AdBlue supply tanks, fire extinguishers, spare wheel carriers and toolboxes.
Truck prime mover upgrade in Perth by TL Engineering.
Prime Mover Truck by TL Engineering Perth WA
Prime Mover Truck by TL Engineering Perth WA
New prime mover truck upgrade in Perth by TL Engineering.
Kenworth truck upgrade Perth

As an example of a Kenworth truck improvement, see what TL Engineering did for Perry’s green Kenworth Perth prime mover upgrade for increased long haul load carrying and driver comfort.

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