The great state of Western Australia (WA) on the east coast of the Indian Ocean with Perth as its capital city.

Western Australia is the booming resources-rich economic powerhouse state of the Australian economy. The majority of WA’s population of 2M people live in Perth. They work hard to support either directly or indirectly the resources industries of Western Australia. TL Engineering’s high-quality innovative vehicle upgrade services are sort after by tradies, oil and gas companies and mining companies in Western Australia. When vehicles go far out from Perth to do vital transportation and service work in the Western Australian outback they need to be safe and reliable. That’s what TL Engineering does. It upgrades old and new vehicles in Western Australia with innovative custom designs and installations to add functionality suited to the needs of Western Australians be it for modifications to RV vehicles, tradie vehicles, special agricultural vehicles, or mining vehicles, etc.


Zoom to the map pins in the Pilbury to see photos of specialised mining truck modification upgrades made in Perth Western Australia by TL Engineering.

Mining truck Western Australia

A special mining truck modification upgrade in Perth for a major Western Australian mining company.