Innovative ideas and example photos of how to improve Toyota vehicles in Perth Western Australia for safety, function, reliability and improved Toyota value,

Toyota build good vehicles, TL Engineering makes them better suited to your specific needs for trades and industries in Western Australia. Our Perth Toyota upgrading experts install OEM parts or high-quality aftermarket parts.

Many Toyotas are used in the Western Australian mining industry for support vehicles from anything from carrying drill rods to carrying explosives. Can your Toyota dealer install a certified safe explosives storage box on your Toyota. I don’t think so, so feel welcome to tell our Toyota experts about how you’d like your Toyota modified/upgraded in Perth for jobs you hope to do better with your Toyota.

Toyota Upgrades Perth


Toyotas bought for work are GST exempt however if you’d like TL Engineering to convert your workhorse into a weekend warrior fit for holiday camping then we’ve got modular secure lift-on/lift-off canopy ideas for your Toyota.