Exploration Drilling


Convert new or old trucks in Perth to exploration/mining drill trucks by TL Engineering’s experienced expert mechanical engineers.
The mining industry of Western Australia demands high-quality RELIABLE support vehicles. High-quality truck conversion into well made in Perth drilling trucks is no exception. Small trucks, even utes or big drill trucks, we’ve made them all to including all the major drilling companies based in Perth. Why do their QA team choose TL Engineering even though we’re not the cheapest exploration drill truck suppliers in Perth? Because after thorough due diligence testing these major mining companies reckon the quality of our drilling trucks is worth the reliability, safety and performance of the drill trucks we supply.


The cost of exploration drilling trucks in Perth is huge when they break down at remote exploration drilling projects of WA. The price of drill trucks made in Perth depends on the:
1. Intricacy of design which leads to manufacturing complications.
2. The cost and type of materials and parts used.
3. The size of the exploration drilling truck conversion.
4. If certification is needed.

Phone TL’s truck conversion expert on phone number (08) 9279 5466 for a price quote with measurement function/specification needs for your exploration drill truck.

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