STEDI – Now available at TL Engineering Perth, WA

For over 50 years, TL Engineering has earned its position as a leader of the Western Australian motor vehicle body building and vehicle modification industry. TL core values are built on a name you can trust for innovation and high quality. It takes experience and dedication to refine your products and services – something TL is known for when it comes to engineering solutions for Mining & Fleet vehicles that are built to exceed WA’s harsh environmental conditions.

We are a proud Western Australian company that has been supporting local jobs for the past 50 years. Our Truck division are experts in designing and engineering vehicle builds and modifications to meet and exceed the requirements of wide range of Mining, Civil, Fleet, Government and Commercial customers. Some of the things which separates TL from the rest are:

  • Proven Products – 50 Years of experience & innovation
  • Made to Last
  • Real Fleet Capacity – largest facility in Perth
  • In house capability – start to finish
  • Some of Perth’s highest quality trades people

We have been employing our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to customise and provide vehicles that are:

  • Safe to Operate
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Avoidable Costs
  • Risk Averse Vehicles
  • Innovative to reduce operating costs

And to keep up with our promise TL Engineering has partnered with Australia’s lighting leader – STEDI. STEDI’s 100% in house inventory gives unmatched control over the entire supply chain and fulfillment process. Over the years the company has used its design and production capability to become the most preferred lighting supplier all around Australia.  

STEDI’s Mine Spec range is specifically engineered for the heavy industrial market. Its range is over-engineered to endure the 24/7 punishment that is the modus operandi when it comes to mining and heavy machine applications. STEDI Mine Spec LED Lights are designed to deliver ultra-wide beam, come with in build shock dampeners, weatherproof performance and push through long hours. All this makes STEDI LED lights suitable for the Western Australian Heavy Industry.


It was not just the performance of the STEDI range, it was their sense of supporting Australia, its economy and the shared values between the two companies that led to this partnership.

Introducing a premium supplier to the TL business is not taken lightly. STEDI like TL stand by the quality and performance of every product we manufacture. When you are next considering your LED Auxiliary Lighting needs – ask the TL sales team to include STEDI lights on your build!


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