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Rail Service Builds For Brookfield Rail

On a dusty service road near a railway line, you could easily find this truck. It’s a recently commissioned build delivered to the end user, Brookfield Rail, by Major Motors.

In and around the truck, which is effectively a mobile workshop, there will be rail service personnel going about the important work of ensuring that passenger and goods trains travel safely and securely throughout Western Australia.

At their disposal will be a fully fitted workshop which includes an impressive array of equipment: power generators, crane, tool bench, vice, power inverter units, fire-fighting pump unit, propane cylinders, LED work lights and a number of water tanks.

All of these features are housed under a purpose-built steel canopy covered truck tray that includes steel locker units, storage bins, toolboxes, a dual battery system, LED lighting, jerry can storage and lockable steel cupboards.

Standard safety features include a fully sheeted headboard, LED beacons, first aid supplies, a fire extinguisher, walk in safety steps, non-slip surface materials, safety railing, safety lighting and an automatically closing access gate.

The donor Isuzu truck cab chassis units for these builds are supplied in both 2-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Drive configurations, depending on the country regions to which they will be deployed.

If you were to ask one of the Brookfield personnel their opinion of the new trucks, hopefully they would be impressed, especially given the significant input from their colleagues that went into designing the service vehicles.

Throughout the planning and build stages, Jim Allen, our Truck Solutions Sales Consultant, liaised extensively with Brookfield Rail people, to ensure that their new trucks, just like the one you might see on a dusty road somewhere, deliver exactly what they require.

The TL Team

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