Name: Rollover Protection Systems


- Affordably priced strong steel or lightweight aluminium roll bars designed to protect car, ute and light truck vehicle passengers in the event of a rollover accident by reinforcing the structural integrity of the vehicle.
- The ROPS unit prevents collapse of the truck cabin in such an event.
- Suitable for vehicles driven on public road systems and outback Western Australian dirt roads where car roll over accidents are common and where roll bars save lives.

Condition: New

Available: Yes

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Many car rollover accidents are caused by swerving away from animals on Western Australian roads. Bullbars give confidence to drivers not to swerve but rather crash into animals with no or much less damage to the front end of cars. Bright LED spotlights mounted on bullbars help drivers to spot animals on the road a long way off. This also mitigates the chances of car rollovers.

In summary rollbars, bullbars and bright LED driving lights save lives.

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