200 Series Conversions Perth, WA

Proudly made right here in Perth, WA – TL Engineering has been manufacturing locally for 50 Years. Ute conversions and chassis extensions are not new to us.

The 200 Series Land Cruiser is regarded by many as the ultimate off road 4WD – convert it to a ute tray rear and you have what we think is an incredible touring/off road/tradie combo.

This week we were pleased with the finished product on our lastest 200 Conversion build.

Featuring a TLX Alloy Tray on the back with the usual high quality finish including under tray toolboxes and LED lights, the difference with this build is the smooth finish on the colour coded tray. The client was very specific that only the highest quality would be accepted!

After 7 week turnaround, here is the final result.

For more details – call Graham and Steve.

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