Buy a custom made lightweight aluminium ute tray quality made in Perth from high-grade aluminium by EXPERT ute tray builders in Perth Western Australia. TL aluminium ute trays with drop downsides are designed to your specifications and with a tray installation service to fit your ute perfectly.

  • Customised aluminium ute trays are designed and constructed to meet the unique requirements of users.
  • Fabrication employs extruded aluminium profiles and planked flooring.
  • Cabrack assembly incorporates vertical upright members and crossbars for extra strength and rigidity. All ute tray corners and the cabrack assembly are fully welded.
  • Steel is used for the main channel runners to increase strength and improve durability.
  • Larger profile tubing can be specified for the cabrack assembly.
  • Specialised anti-rattle fasteners can be utilised if required.
  • Tray flooring can be constructed using chequer plate aluminium material.
Budget Aluminium Ute Tray Perth
Due to significant demand and market conditions, we are not open directly to the PUBLIC for light vehicle builds until further notice. If you have a COMMERCIAL enquiry please contact us by phone or contact form below!
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