4WD modification upgrade Perth

buy custom made in perth canvas ute Canopy for sale

Buy a new strong UV resistant durable lightweight quality canvas canopy for sale in Perth. TL canopies are custom made in Perth to fit perfectly over an aluminium frame.

  • Designed to the dimensions and layout of each specific vehicle.
  • Made in Perth from aluminium for light weight and excellent strength.
  • Sturdy and long-life durable canopy design.
  • The canopy frame is constructed utilising 40mm aluminium pipe and the side pressings employ 1.6mm aluminium sheet material.
  • Integrated roof cross-bars provide extra strength and lateral structural rigidity or a solid Tropical Roof can be fitted.
  • Ripstop canvas is fitted for strength, durability and protection from the elements.
  • Canvas panels can be rolled up and secured in place to allow easy access to the tray.
  • Ventilation is integrated into the unit design.
  • Short vertical top bar uprights (‘horns’) or rack style roof bars for securing loads or long materials can be fitted as required.
  • Bolt-in frame mounting process is employed for strength, versitility and durability.
  • Canvas weight and colour can be selected from a variety of available materials.