Boilermaker (Boily) Truck Build

What is a Boily Truck?

A Boily Truck is used to replace Ground Engaging Tools (GET) on excavation equipment during downtime whilst still in the mining pit. The twin operator Miller and twin Hiabs allow two Boilermakers to work on the equipment at the same time to halve the downtime of the machine.  The multiple removable bins can carry a variety of different sized teeth to suit each machine and application.  Storage for all the welding gear, PPE and consumables are at easy reach from ground level.

Built in Perth WA features:

  • Scania 8×4
  • Twin Hiab 018 Cranes
  • Miller big Blue diesel welder for twin operators
  • Rated and certified GET bins (Ground Engaging Tools)
  • Certified Removable Oxy Bottle Racks and Cable racks
  • Storage for Wire Feeders and Welding consumables