200 Series Heavy Duty Aluminium Ute Tray Perth

200 Series Toyota Landcruiser Dual Cab Lightweight Tray Upgrade Perth

Unhappy with the look of his previous ute tray, Gavin ordered a custom TLX Tray to compliment his ultimate 200 Series Conversion Ute.

As a seasoned off-road and camping enthusiast in Western Australia, Gavin had a clear idea about what he was looking for in a new aluminium ute tray.   

Tray weight was a key factor. After removing his old tray, the TLX Tray came in at 22% lighter overall and more suitable for his needs.

The high-quality finish and tough look aluminium tray were also deciding factors in ordering the TLX Tray.

200 Series build features:

  • TLX Tray 200 Series (1880mm x 2000mm)
  • 76mm Rear Ladder Bar
  • Roof Bracket Kit
  • LED Tail Lights
  • Metallic 2 Pack Painted Drop Sides and Tool Box Lids
  • 4 x Flush Mounted Lashing Rings in the tray floor
  • Dual Spare Wheel Holders
  • Retrofit reverse light, water tank, Diesel Filler Point

Another 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser Conversion in Perth. For more info – get in touch.