Truck Solutions

Truck Body Builders In Perth, WA

It takes more than two blokes in the backyard with a dog and a banjo to deliver a high quality truck build.

Modern truck body building is an extremely specialised manufacturing process. Clients have to make significant decisions and investments in transforming a naked cab-chassis into a purpose built operational truck. And that’s where TL Engineering Truck Solutions come to the fore.

TL Engineering has been delivering high quality truck builds for over 45 years. Hundreds of years of collective manufacturing experience is coupled with the most modern production facility in Western Australia to produce truck solutions for every type of application imaginable. And because we complete all chassis modifications, hydraulics, drafting and design, electrical fit-outs and interior and exterior vehicle body work on one site, we manage quality control all the way from design to final delivery to the client.

The mining industry demands massive specialised and service body trucks. Smaller business operators have different but very specific needs. Your truck may need something altogether unique again.

Let us talk to you about what can be done, and let us show you why we do it so well.