Mobility Solutions

Vehicle Body Builds for Mobility Solutions In Perth, WA

At least 3.4 million people in Australia have some form of physical disability.

As access and availability to disability funding increases, so has the range of automotive products and services coming to the Australian market from around the world. What could only be dreamt of 10 years ago is now a product providing freedom and independence for people of all ages.

TL Mobility Solutions has been supporting drivers and passengers with disabilities and special needs in Perth for over 25 years.

We modify everything from cars to buses with the latest and safest electronic and mechanical accessories and enhancements. These include wheelchair hoists, lifts and platforms as well as full wheelchair bus and vehicle conversions, scooter lifts, assisted driver controls and passenger restraints. All modifications are completed on site to the highest safety standards possible as prescribed by Australian regulatory authorities.

We are now also partners with Automobility – the Australian leaders in providing flat floor vehicle conversions for wheelchair access.

And remember, it‘s particularly important that you speak to us before you purchase a vehicle for transporting someone with a disability. We have significant knowledge about which makes, models and variants work best for specific mobility solutions.

Don’t be confused by all the complex information out there. Ask our Mobility Solutions team to explain how you, or someone you love, can reclaim a little freedom and independence in life.