The Comtruk© Sport Utility Bed (SUB©) is a new kind of pickup bed, offering a complete cargo management system. Fitting most major late model pickups, the SUB is an operable bed, giving you a whole new way to work and play.

Pickups today are tough, sexy, smart, safe, and powerful, with feature-packed interiors for the whole family. The SUB is their perfect partner.

The SUB offers hassle-free loading and carrying of freight, merchandise, tools, bikes, kayaks, camping gear, or whatever is needed to win the work site or seize the weekend. And it looks great doing it.

Turn your pickup into a work-life crossover vehicle your family and mates will love. Talk to a member of the TL Engineering team to learn more about what the SUB can do for you.


Choose your make, model, and finish, and get your SUB. Build and quote your SUB in Comtruk’s 3D Design Studio.

Please note: the SUB was designed to fit post-2016 pickup models only.



Light and durable, industrial aluminium construction; less weight, less fuel


Balanced proportion, fine form, aerodynamic lines, and custom colours match the chassis


More flat floor space, less weight, more payload, more volume.


Secure loads or attach accessories from any of the integrated attachment channels.


Easy-to-operate side and tailgates, side drawers, and adapters


Smooth corners, ergonomic handles, and easier access for safer loading and unloading.


From time savings to fuel savings, from long-lasting aluminium to long-lasting coatings, the SUB is the smarter budget decision.

Go from strength to strength to strength by replacing your pickup tub or bed with a SUB. Constructed from industrial-grade aluminium alloy, the SUB is strong, yet light.

Hardened aluminium alloy let Comtruk’s design engineers to add thickness, and strength, where needed, without increasing weight.

The SUB for dual cab pickups is about 60 per cent (or 1.2sqm) larger than manufacturers’ bed/tub, however, it weighs about 29 per cent (or 30kg) less. The result is greater power-to-weight ratio, enhanced fuel efficiency, higher maximum payload.


Reduce the risk of loading-related injuries, or scrapes and cuts with the SUB’s smart, people-friendly features.

The SUB replaces sharp corners and edges with smooth, contoured lines. Side and tailgates fold down to 90 or 180 degrees, giving better access to the bed floor for safer loading and unloading. Rubber floor strips reduce sliding, regardless of cargo size or shape.

Optional rear sensors and reverse cameras, and our side-pivot lifter, give an even higher level of safety. The front rack’s inside channel can hold stainless steel mesh, creating a safety barrier for the driver.


Carry more and keep everything you carry more organised. The SUB offers more usable space than a pickup bed or ute tray. Customise it and attach accessories to the floor, underside, and perimeter of the bed, as well as the operable gates, and the inside and outside of the rack bars.

The SUB lets a hard-working single cab pickup double as a mobile work station and adventure partner; it gives a prestige pickup a load management system while maintaining its lux looks; and it turns a family-friendly, technology packed double cab pickup into a true crossover vehicle, perfect for hauling around kids, dogs, bikes, footy gear, and groceries.

The SUB’s features deliver faster, easier, and safer load management, plus increased fuel efficiency and component durability.


A clever load management system

Our designers engineered multiple channels of attachment for securing of loads and installing equipment carrier accessories.

You can attach accessories along the SUB’s channels located

  • outside and inside the rack bars
  • top side and underside of the bed’s floor
  • the entire perimeter of the bed
  • along the inside length of the operable gates

The SUB fits large pallets, something the wheel arches of a pickup bed doesn’t allow. Lower one of the operable gates and use a forklift to load the SUB.

The operable gates can be locked into place at 90 degrees to create a workbench. Just bolt on a saw and get to work.



SUB fitted for single cab chassis, internal area
• Width: 1835mm
• Length: 2515mm
• Depth: 330mm

SUB fitted for double cab chassis, internal area
• Width: 1835mm
• Length: 1685mm
• Depth: 330mm


SUB fitted for single cab chassis
• Usable Footprint: 4.61m2
• Volume: 1.52m3
• Weight: 180-185kg

SUB fitted for double cab chassis
• Usable Footprint: 3.09m2
• Volume: 1.02m3
• Weight: 150-155kg


Independently tested for performance and durability

The SUB performed beautifully in accelerated tests simulating 2,000 kms of extreme off-road conditions and 95,000 of normal driving conditions.

Go from strength to strength to strength

Constructed from industrial-grade aluminium alloy, the SUB is strong, yet light. Hardened aluminium alloy let Comtruk’s design engineers to add thickness, and strength without increasing weight.

Take a closer look

Watch the video to deep dive into some of the features that make the SUB such a practical load management system. Every aspect of the SUB was designed to meet specific need.